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May 29th 2019 Update

Dear Shareholders,

We are pleased to up date shareholders on progress this year for the Company.  We are aware as well that shareholders have asked for more frequent information so will publish a quarterly update moving forward.  We also wish to respond to certain enquires by shareholders received recently.

The Board believes in keeping overheads low, conserving cash and making a profit which should in turn be reflected in our share price.  We urge all shareholders to view their holdings in Whetstone as long term and not respond to short term share price volatility.   

While we are listed on a relatively unknown market our shares have seen reasonably heavy trading volumes for company of our size, but we do hope our shareholders as they see our plans unfold, will be encouraged to stay for the long term.   In due course who hope our investments will enable us to pay dividends to shareholders but that will take some time and it may well be we will need to raise funds to make investments so we as a board must consider all eventualities as we move forward.

Our biggest investment last year was in Rapid Nutrition plc which we are very pleased to see has now been dual listed on OTCQB in the US.  For those of you who would like more information about Rapid please see their website on http://www.rnplc.com/single-post/2019/03/18/Admission-to-the-OTC-markets-and-to-trading-on-the-OTCQB    Simon St. Ledger and his team at Rapid have an ambitious expansion plan for 2019 so keep an eye out for further announcements.   Most recently Rapid has announced a major distribution deal with USA supplements giant GNC as well as the appointment of a VP of Sales to strengthen its team.

In other investment news Roxi Music Systems continues to grow.  You may have seen their direct response TV campaign staring multi award winning music legend Sheryl Crow  if not here’s a link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4XTWCazzrs Please see www.roximusicsystems.com for more news.  We will make a statement soon about the option in gaming firm NARC pending further discussions with the firm.

We continue to look at options to list the company on a more accessible market than Britdaq.  We will update shareholders whenever we have a viable option. 

In due course we shall announce a date for a General meeting in the mean we encourage you to read our Annual Report & Accounts which were filed at Companies House and are to be found on our website.

We hope shareholders find this update helpful and we will follow with more news regularly

The Board of Whetstone Capital Group plc

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